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Shauna fell in love with yoga in her teens and has been practicing since. She originally start practicing to help relieve stress and anxiety but the practice then led her on a spiritual journey. She completed her 200hour teacher training with Himalaya in 2021. Since then Shauna has been teaching online, on the beach, in the park and at workshops. Her favourite style of yoga is Ashtanga and she is passionate about yoga philosophy. Shauna is also a qualified meditation teacher, holistic life coach and practices energy healings Reiki, Kundalini Reiki & Integrated Energy therapy. She enjoys facilitating healing circles and workshops and connecting people to one another. 

Yogita Mehta

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Yogita was born in Delhi and studied Arts at Kurukshetra University graduating in 2007. Yogita is a RYT 300, having completed 200 and 300 hour and Teacher Training courses with Himalaya Yoga Valley in Goa. She has become a permanent and highly accomplished member of the teaching staff at the Centre. A highly respected and credible Senior Teacher, she has a warm and endearing teaching style, ever supportive and intuitive towards the needs of her students.

Elmarie Grobler

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Elmarie’s yoga journey started almost 30 years ago in South Africa and it was truly ´love at first practice´. 

She is a RYT500 Yoga Alliance registered teacher, a master Reiki practitioner and a qualified yoga trapeze teacher. She has been Lalit´s student since 2010. From him she learnt to teach from her heart and he continues to be a constant inspiration as a teacher, a yogi and a person.  She studied Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with Adam Divine as well as completing many training courses in Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Chakras and Yoga philosophy.

Elmarie spent 10 years in the UAE in a fairytale-like experience teaching in the most beautiful palaces and homes and travelling with her students.  She also taught many expats making friends all over the world.  Yoga opens doors and hearts beyond our wildest dreams.

She believes that yoga is an ever-evolving practice and whatever stage in our lives we are in, it is always a perfect fit. 

Alysha Murjani

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Alysha has been practicing yoga since her childhood, growing up in India where she would join in on the classes that her mother would do from home just for some fun. It was only in her teens that she turned to yoga as a tool to help her work through the anxiety she was facing. By committing to a daily practice, Alysha found great stillness and inner strength that she used to navigate her way through high school in the UK. During the pandemic, she turned to yoga even more and progressed to new heights both physically and mentally. When starting university, Alysha knew she wanted to share yoga, a special tool that all students can use to combat stress. This prompted her to complete her 200-hour teacher training with HYV in Greece, where she experienced a taste of what life could be as a yoga teacher, one that she is very excited to lead.

Hannah Feltham

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Hannah Feltham was born in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. Her background is primarily in dance, however, it was while she was training at the The Ailey School in New York City that her passion for Pilates and Yoga began. When she experienced low back pain for a short period of time, she sought physiotherapy in NYC and they told her that her core needed strengthening and to give Pilates a go. Understanding the mechanics and the benefits it had on her body, assisted her dancing immensely. She wanted to dive deeper into the method and received her Pilates Mat Certification through Linda Farrell in NYC.

After graduating from the The Ailey School, she began teaching in NYC with New York Optimum Performance as an Independent Contractor. She also taught at the Savitri Studio on the Upper East Side run by Jessica Cadden Osborne as well as YogaWorks. Hannah landed a job performing in Osaka Japan at Universal Studios and was there for two years and she was a guest teacher with lululemon in Osaka. In her second year, she became interested in getting her 200 RYT Yoga Certification through the Vancouver Sky Studio under the guidance of Yu Slater.

She has discovered an amazing appreciation for both Pilates and Yoga, as the two methods have benefited her as a professional dancer.